Where's CotterTravel?

My name is Jennifer Evans, my husband Chad Evans and I are the owners of TotallyTrips and Cotter Travel, I wanted to send you a personal note expressing our appreciation of your business and continued support for these many years.

TotallyTrips welcomed Cotter Travel 6 years ago, as part of our family in 2011, since then we have strived to maintain the same excellent service that Cotter Travel was known for delivering in the 25 years prior to our acquisition. In fact, TotallyTrips still has the great honor of employing Chad Cotter as our General Manager at our St. Joseph office.

As most of you know, sometimes there are decisions that are necessary for a company to implement in order to streamline their business and to thrive as a company. TotallyTrips is growing in many ways, including increasing in locations, which is making it necessary for us to implement some cosmetic changes to our Cotter Travel branch. These cosmetic changes will not affect, in any way, the excellent service you have received for over 30 years.

We wanted to respectfully announce these changes to you, our loyal customer are to make sure you’re aware these changes will be gradual and seamless and I assure you that we are still the same family owned company that has been servicing your travel needs for the past 6 years.

While you will still see Cotter Travel on the signs outside of our St Joseph location for a while longer, here are some changes you can expect to see in the coming weeks:

  • We are going to be gradually changing the official name of Cotter Travel to TotallyTrips to align with our other locations
  • We will now begin greeting our callers with "Thank you for calling TotallyTrips"
  • Chad will be changing his email to TotallyTrips, but will still have access to his Cotter Travel email for atleast 6 months
  • You will begin to see the name and colors of TotallyTrips on your emails, CC statements, and on our website ect... again we are still the same company from which you have received excellent service from for all these years.

In closing, we truly appreciate your patience and understanding during this transition time. We are strengthening and growing TotallyTrips so we can better serve you. Please feel free to contact me personally with any questions or concerns you may have, your input is very valuable to us and is greatly appreciated.

To contact Cotter Travel, please call 816.364.3232