Kate and Harry

Our Story

1. When Kate and Harry first met, the first thing Harry said to her was...

  • a. Nothing, he stood there awestruck
  • b. “You have the loveliest teeth”
  • c. “I hate your stupid German class”

2. When Harry made Kate a mix CD for the first time featuring many romantic songs what was her reaction?

  • a. She cried like a baby
  • b. She proclaimed her undying love for him
  • c. She completely missed the point and friendzoned him

3. Harry took Kate to her first formal dance shortly after they began dating – where did he take her for dinner?

  • a. Her favorite Italian restaurant
  • b. A nice steakhouse in the city
  • c. White Castles

3. The first time Harry tried to kiss Kate, it was...

  • a. Magical
  • b. Not ruined in any way
  • c. Awkward and a little sloppy if we’re being honest

4. It took about a year before Kate and Harry had their first really big fight where one of them had to leave the room. The person who left was Kate. And it happened after Harry:

  • a. was guilty of nothing and instead was a completely innocent victim
  • b. used Jedi mind tricks on her
  • c. tried to explain that, while she may have thought she was making intelligent points, all she was in fact doing was relying on straw man arguments

5. Harry and Kate solidified their bond over:

  • a. A love of good books
  • b. Their fondness of overstuffed furniture
  • c. Netflix and chill

6. There are three things Kate couldn’t live without. The first two are Cato and Jake of course, but the third is...

  • a. A steady supply of Polar Pops
  • b. The gory thrill of battle
  • c. Her stupid idiot fiancé Harry

7. Harry and Kate went to Mexico! The highlight of the trip was...

  • a. Escaping Mayan sacrifice
  • b. Harry confessing his love to Omar, the poolside bartender
  • c. Realizing they’d found their dream spot to get married

8. While looking through old photos for the wedding website, Harry and Kate were dismayed to find...

  • a. Destroying the tape didn’t lift The Ring’s curse
  • b. Their dogs were more photogenic than they were
  • c. They didn’t have enough pictures!

9. Harry resisted Kate wanting a second dog for a long time. The thing that finally made him give in and welcome Jake into their lives was...

  • a. Needing a new bait dog
  • b. Recognizing Jake was actually a handsome prince turned into a dog through an evil spell
  • c. Cato being bored enough to eat a couch

10. Harry and Kate moved their wedding forward a year from the original date. They did this because...

  • a. The pigs were turning up the heat and they didn’t want to testify against each other
  • b. Iberostar had a limited time offer- two free sweatshirts!
  • c. They realized they couldn’t go another year not calling each other husband and wife

Hint: The answer to every question is "c."

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