Our Story

Quite often, many of our friends say to the both of us "You guys have to tell the story of how you met! It's so romantic!" Even though we are not the most romantic people in the world, we both agree that how we met is pretty fantastic. Here is our story.

Andrew was vacationing with his family from New York and Ashley was vacationing with her friend, Chris from St. Louis. Both were at the same resort, Ocean Coral and Turquesa in Riviera Maya, Mexico, at the same time. Ashley and Chris spent the first few days the same way – beach in the morning, pool in the afternoon while enjoying beverages followed by dinner and more beverages. On the second day, Ashley and Chris began to make friends with others who happened to be part of Andrew's family. A woman from the group, Anita, said to Ashley "You have to meet Andrew. He is not here right now. He is in his room watching football. You will have to meet him tomorrow.” Ashley never really gave it another thought. The next day, it was the same routine for Ashley and Chris, beach while reading our books and then the pool. Ashley was approached by Anita at the pool and said "Andrew is here, I will introduce you." Immediately after meeting, we hit it off. We both spent the rest of the day in the pool, usually near the poolside bar, talking, laughing and drinking. When evening came, we went our separate ways. The next day after Andrew had returned from his fishing trip, we all hung out in the pool and had a great day! For the remainder of the vacation, Andrew and Ashley spent most time together and it was amazing!

Just days after returning from Mexico, Andrew and Ashley were talking and texting and Andrew was going to come to St. Louis, MO to visit her. Andrew came to St. Louis during the best time, during the World Series. Ashley wanted to show her appreciation for him traveling all this way to see her so she bought two tickets for Game 6. It might be the best sporting event seen by both! The rest is history. After two years of traveling back and forth from New York to Missouri, Andrew relocated to St. Louis, MO in September 2013.

Now we are taking our relationship forward and are tying the knot. Since we met on a beach, got engaged on a beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama, we thought a destination wedding on a beach would be perfect for us too!

Ashley Dallas & Andrew Cozzocrea's Wedding at NOW Sapphire Riviera Cancun