Renea and Steve Wedding!

Our Story

Their story began with the help of a match maker named “Mother Nature”. On April 29, 2017, Steve was forced to leave the Lake of the Ozarks due to monsoonal rains, rising waters and power outages. On Sunday April 30th, Steve met with his great friend Art who was also forced from the lake the day before with Steve. The two met at Scotties Irish Pub in Imperial, MO. to watch the Blues hockey game. After a few hours of hockey and beers, Steve noticed a new member at the table in front of them. Art and Steve made small talk about this beautiful woman, with Art suggesting Steve go talk to her. Steve decided that because he had had a few beers he didn’t want to make an ass out of himself. He told Art, "I think I recognize her and I will approach this a different way." Within hours, Steve had sent a message to Renea on Facebook Messenger, “Epic failure! I saw you today at Scotties and failed to say hello”.

By 9pm, Steve and Renea were exchanging messages on Messenger. It turns out Renea had noticed Steve, thought she recognized him, and had considered ordering drinks on his tab, noticing later he had left. After conversation and exchanging phone numbers, Renea realized that Steve’s number was the same number she had in her phone for “Justin’s Dad”. Steve’s son Justin and Renea’s son Ethan were friends since kindergarten and had played at each others house in grade school. There began the leap of fate. Steve and Renea met May 1, 2017 at Frankie’s for their first date, dinner and drinks.

From that day forward they would see each other every day for dinner, drinks or to just say hello and get a kiss.

After a year and a half, many trips, weekends at the lake, seeing each other each and every day, on day 603, Christmas morning, Steve asked Renea to spend the rest of her life with him and she agreed to marry him.

Their journey will continue, and on August 12, 2019 at 5pm they will be blessed by God and the company of many friends and marry on the beach in Riviera Maya, Mexico

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